Walk on substations

Design type:

  • Walkways made of concrete
    (Type UF) Walk-on steel sheet, insulated (Type SI )

Areas of application for type UF

  • Energy distribution stations for power companies and industry
  • switching stations
    Transfer stations for wind parks, CHP 's and solar plants

Areas of application for type SI

  • Power distribution stations for export, especially overseas and tropical countries
  • Switch stations for export
  • Transformer and distribution stations with air-insulated switchgear up to 36 kV


  • personal safety
    • Arc fault safety (internal fault) by pressure relief and cooling of arc gases
    • Stokersafety (penetration from outside) through ventilation grille (special profile), which prevent penetration!
    • Internal door panels which prevent hanging from outside (vanderlism)
  • economics
    • long service life by partitioning the switchgear rooms to avoid the entry of dirt and moisture from the transformer compartment
    • high availability due to thermal insulation of doors, roof and walls (in steel plate stations) to avoid condensation of the
  • environmental
    • electromagnetic compatibility ( EMC )
    • Compliance with the 26th BlmSchV.
    • Disposal is unproblematic due to reusable materials (concrete, steel, aluminum, copper)
    • Transformer oil pan made of highly compressed, high-strength concrete with special coating, TÜV-certified and monitored.
    • Use in water protection areas is possible
  • flexibility
    • modular system
    • Possibility of mounting various components
      high variance in the external design