SZM still produces and distributes ABB Calor Emag switch-disconnectors C3

ABB's type C3 switch-disconnector is a proven multi-purpose switch-disconnector that continues to be popular in the power supply industry. Formerly manufactured by the ABB subsidiary Calor Emag, despite the discontinuation of the product by ABB in the meantime, production continues and has been carried out under license at SZM in Bad Muskau since 2012. SZM is thus the only company in the world that has the C3 switch-disconnector in its portfolio.

The C3 is valued primarily for its robustness and compactness. It is used for the safe and reliable switching of all requirements that occur in practice in the nominal voltage range from 12 to 24 kV and with a nominal current of up to 630 A (up to 1250 A on request). It safely handles high currents and can even be operated in extreme climatic conditions. It is also characterized by extremely long maintenance intervals or its ease of maintenance.

Its compact design also makes it a popular switch-disconnector. It can be installed in narrow switchgear panels and in switchgear for which a limited space is available (e.g. in containers). This makes the C3 switch-disconnector a particularly suitable option for switchgear manufacturers worldwide who are looking for a reliable switch. Of course, the C3 is also a good choice for all previous users of switchgear (energy suppliers, energy users) for whom a modernization (retrofit) of the switchgear is being considered. Depending on the possibility, replacing the previous switchgear with a C3 switch-disconnector is a sensible and more cost-effective alternative compared to the complete replacement of the entire switchgear.

Key features of the C3:

  • High short-circuit current capability up to 25 kA (3s)
  • Short-circuit making capacity up to 63 kA
  • Earthing switch with making capacity
  • Thrust principle enables small installation depths of the switching devices
  • A visible isolating distance is always present when the unit is switched off
  • High breaking and switching capacity
  • Capable of switching capacitive currents under earth fault conditions
  • Low maintenance, long service life (robust construction)
  • Safe Arc quenching thanks to proven hard gas quenching principle
  • Any installation position possible
  • Narrow, space-saving design due to optimum field distribution
  • Can also be used under extreme climatic conditions

Depending on the operating mechanism, three basic versions are available:

  • CK3: with step actuator ON and step actuator OFF (up to 630 A, up to 1250 A on request)
  • CR3: with snap-action actuator ON and spring mechanism OFF for re-tensioning (up to 630 A)
  • CS3: with snap-action drive ON and accumulator drive OFF (up to 630A)

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