The gas-insultated MV Switchgear nu1 from nuventura

The GIS switchgear replaces SF6 with dry air keeping the typical SF6-GIS benefits.


The nu1™ (36 kV; 1250 A) is a fully certified and type-tested gas-insulated medium-voltage switchgear for primary distribution networks that completely dispenses with SF6 and instead relies on dry (technical) air as the electrical insulation medium. It is designed and tested to IEC 62271 standard.

In addition to replacing SF6 with dry air as the insulating medium, the nu1™ switchgear uses vacuum switching, a proven and reliable technology. The metal-enclosed switchgear is designed for indoor installation.

Technology Provider:

Berlin-based deep tech company nuventura specialises in the development of sustainable gas-insulated switchgear (GIS). Nuventura supplies climate-friendly technologies, components and/or prefabricated core modules to regional switchgear manufacturers around the world, enabling them to enter the hard-to-reach GIS market.

The nu1™ medium voltage switchgear has been developed and manufactured together with SZM. In doing so, SZM has contributed its many years of experience and know-how in the field of circuit breakers and switchgear to the cooperation.

Core modules of the nu1™ are manufactured by SZM in Bad Muskau and are therefore "Made in Germany".


Dry-air insulated
nu1 is a gas insulated switchgear (GIS) that uses dry air as the insulating medium. This eliminates the need for SF6 gas-handling and inventory-maintenance, as is often required in traditional GIS.

Environmentally friendly
As SF6's environmental impact becomes more widely understood, environmental regulators are increasingly focusing on its use in GIS. nu1's use of dry air is completely sustainable and regulation-proof.

Our GIS maintains the similar compact dimensions to traditional primary SF6-GIS. Thus allowing for use in confined spaces (e.g. in substations or containers).

nu1 has passed the IEC type tests, and it uses vacuum switching - a proven and reliable technology.

SF6 is often responsible for a GIS' total cost of ownership (TCO) rising by 20% (of purchase price). These costs are normally linked to end-of-life recycling and gas handling. By replacing SF6 with dry air, these costs are made obsolete.

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