Motorized operating mechanisms

The MD4 motorized operating mechanism is used for electric-motor operation of indoor switching devices such as switch-disconnectors, isolators, earthing switches, or make-proof earthing switches. The MD4 motorized operating mechanism is connected to the switching device through special transmission elements. The MD4 motorized operating mechanism works in one direction of rotation only. The direction of rotation of the motor can be adapted to the actuating direction of the switching device through a rocker-joint or a special drive plate. If the electric power fails, the MD4 motorized operating mechanism can be switched mechanically using an emergency crank (counter-clockwise). MD4 motorized operating mechanism.


Since 01.10.2016 SchaltanlagenZubehör Bad Muskau GmbH has expanded its own portfolio of operating mechanisms with a new, exciting product. Under license we are producing a motorized bevel-gear operating mechanism that can be supplied as perfect fit with the C3 switch-disconnector, but which can also be used as operating mechanism for other products, such as the EK6 or the C4 from ABB AG. This motorized operating mechanism is available for many voltage levels.