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SchaltanlagenZubehör Bad Muskau GmbH (SZM GmbH) originated with the majority of its employees coming from a former switching device plant and feels a particular obligation to carry on this great tradition of switching-device engineering. Aside from SZM, three other companies exist at its Bad Muskau location: KompTec GmbH, a design agency for medium-voltage applications, and German Switchcraft GmbH – a trading company for medium-voltage equipment. All three companies are administered by ZUSCHA Boss Beteiligungs GmbH. With more than 70 employees in all four companies and many reliable partners we provide a comprehensive assortment of products and services for power companies, public utilities, industries, manufacturers of switchgear and installers, in Germany and many other countries in the world. SZM GmbH has further branches in Berlin and Schwarzenbek. The development and production of vacuum circuit-breakers up to 40.5 kV is one of SZM GmbH's mainstays! With our many decades of experience in this special field of medium-voltage products, with a strong sense of commitment and determination we develop tailor-made equipment solutions for our customers around the world. Our area of expertise is circuit-breaker solutions for very small gas-insulated switchgear. Here we offer a wide array of solutions and can adapt them to your specific needs and requirements. SZM GmbH is capable of maintaining and repairing all circuit-breakers of the former Bad Muskau switching-device plant – i.e. the product series SCI1 - SCI4, SCIF, VCI, VAI, NVL and VL1 – and has an extensive pool of spare parts consisting primarily of original equipment. Naturally, we also offer you professional service for products of other manufacturers. We also have a broad spectrum of operating mechanisms for disconnectors, switch-disconnectors and earthing switches. These operating mechanisms can also be operated manually, but we also offer a variety of motorized operating mechanisms or manual-motorized combinations. At SZM GmbH high quality, reliable delivery, and a very flexible approach to customer needs, supported by a modern PPS system and dedicated employees are the basis for successful operations. The numerous satisfied customers since 1999 are proof of it!
Maik Domel, President